How to become more sexually active

Are you looking for some specific tips to give extra space to your sexual life? An expert team of medical professionals in psychology and physiology have also come up with the actual list of stuff for you and your partner to try. Here we are providing some tips by which you can enjoy sexual life. All you need to do is, get in touch with the right best sexologist in Delhi NCR  and get the proper appointment.

How can you enhance your libido?

Maximum researches show that the sec drive peaks around ovulation, the biological time while you are very much able to become pregnant.

But always, this is not the actual case. Some other factors of life also can influence the libido, especially the things such as stress and having a hectic and busy life schedule.

For instance, having stress at your work can also decrease your interest in sex, but when on vacation, your libido can also rebound.

Single women generally tend to have more incredible spikes in the sexual interest around ovulation than women in long-term relationships. You can also get a complete search by writing “best Ayurveda sexologist near me“.

Try some aphrodisiac foods

Sex and food are two basic human requirements. There is no surprise that people prefer to combine these two for added pleasure.

The aphrodisiac is a product that stimulates & enhances the libido. Oysters, chocolates, red pepper, honey, avocado, ginseng, nuts and strawberries are also considered the best aphrodisiac foods.

Accordingly, to recent research, only the ginseng has also been proven effective in combating sexual issues in men

Other aphrodisiac foods for men and women also contain either some substances which improve mood, vitamins and some essential minerals which are also suitable for the human body.

Try kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are also designed for strengthening pelvic muscles. Women also have seen that the sensation during sexual activity became more intense after these kegel exercises.

These particular exercises can also impact intimacy and sexual pleasure positively for both partners.

The strong muscles of women Generally contribute to the more intense orgasm. The tight compression of a penis increases the sensation of men in a vagina due to the acquired elasticity.

You can also do these exercises at any time of the day- at the workplace, when driving or even lying on a couch with a book.

Talk afterwards

Talking to your partner after sex and love improve the relationship.

Discussing the fantasies or the things you enjoy can positively impact your relationship and love life. If you can engage in the Frank personal pillow talk for couples, you can also notice some positive effects.


All these tips for a healthy sex life are very much simple. Be honest, open to your partner, and do not hesitate to experiment! Then together, you can discover the actual key to a happy sexual life.


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